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The Christian Market and Live Sports

A new report reveals that the Christian market, as a whole, ranks higher than any local radio audience (just behind sports radio) for reaching ticket-holders to live sporting events. While Christian consumers are not the #1 market for any individual sport (other than tennis tournaments), overall they are the #1 market (behind sports radio) when all spectator sports are considered as a whole.


Christian consumers are the number one media group (once again, next to sports radio) for reaching baseball attendees, being 45% more likely than the national average to attend baseball games at least once a month.


Christian consumers rank just under Sports radio for reaching persons who attend professional basketball games. They are now 69% more likely than average adults to attend pro-basketball games one or more times per month during the basketball season. When it comes to college hoops, the Christian market lights up the scoreboard once again, where Christian consumers are 68% more likely to attend one or more college games a month.


Again, Christian consumers are in the #2 position for college football attendance, being 49% more likely than average American adults to pay a personal visit to their favorite collegiate team at least once a month during the football season. When it comes to professional football, Christian consumers put numbers on the board that are also quite impressive (see the chart on this page).


There is no question that Christian consumers "buck off" all competitors in this category. No other market delivers a higher concentration of rodeo enthusiasts than the Christian market.

The fact is that there is no sport that doesn't appeal to Christian consumers, save one - professional wrestling, in which case, wrestling promoters would be well-advised to stick with the local alternative station.

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Instant Demographics Articles by Dr. Gary Crossland
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